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... and the best collection of athletic fitness & conditioning tools available in the market today!

Oates Specialties sells select conditioning equipment and accessories for the elite athlete under its proprietary 'TAP' product line. We offer unique training equipment that targets the fast twitch ATP energy system so that athletes in all sports can become more explosive, dynamic, and athletic. Many of our products also help to improve functional strength, such as rotational power and speed that is critical for sports like baseball, tennis, and golf. A number of our products are designed for the specific needs of the throwing athlete to enable him or her to realize superior arm health and increased velocity. Whether your goal is to become faster, stronger, quicker, or to jump higher, throw harder, and hit it farther, or simply become a more durable athlete, we have the conditioning tools that will help you achieve that objective.

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Setting Goals: A critical yet frightening task

Goals are critical to success. This is no secret. Flint Wallace at the Texas Baseball Ranch recently shared a quote from Brian Tracy about goals: “Goals allow you to control the direction of change in your favor.” What an accurate description—it’s brilliant. Change is always occurring, but we can affect how that change occurs by setting goals. Put in a different way: Would you ever set out on a major journey or trip without knowing (1) where you are to start, and (2) where your final destination is located? I don’t think so, it wouldn’t make sense and you certainly wouldn’t end up at the right destination. This is why goals are so important. But as the analogy above demonstrates, goals require us to evaluate where we are and where we want to go. This can be scary. In order ...

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Increase Velocity with Weighted Balls

There always seems to be a whirlwind which accompanies the subject of throwing weighted balls. People are often divided in terms of how they feel about using them. Many coaches dismiss weighted balls with the notion that they can lead to injury. Well if that is the case then these coaches better not let their players throw a baseball either. The truth is that every baseball player throws a weighted ball each day. A baseball is a 5 ounce weighted instrument that has caused more injuries than any other weighted ball in the world. I personally have alot of experience with weighted balls as I used them for many years. I attribute the throwing program I did with them as one of the primary reasons I was able to go from topping out at 84 mph my Junior year of high school to 94 mph my Junior year of college. The weighted ball "set" which I used consisted of a 2lb mini medicine ball, a 21 oz, 14 oz, 7 oz, and 4 oz balls. There are a couple of reasons the weighted ball program works. The addit...

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About Us

Oates Specialties is a family owned and operated business. Since starting the company in 2003 with baseball as its primary focus, Robert and Gloria Oates, along with their son Brian, have worked diligently to develop a line of quality athletic conditioning tools that is unparalleled. We hope you enjoy our product line, videos, and blog. Contact us if we can help you in any way!

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