Shoulder Tube Product Information

Congratulations on your purchase of the Shoulder Tube! You have taken a serious step toward a stronger, healthier arm. This information sheet is provided to help ensure that you are using your Shoulder Tube in the most beneficial and safe method for yourself and the product.

The Shoulder Tube is to be used as a warm up and/or cool down device. The goal is to methodically take the arm through the full range of motion while moving the Shoulder Tube with your shoulder in order to get the blood pumping throughout the shoulder complex. It is not designed to measure the amount of flex an athlete can generate into the product, nor should maximum flex of the Shoulder Tube be a goal. To use an analogy, the appropriate use of the Shoulder Tube would be like taking your arm on a walk, not an all-out sprint.

To maximize the benefit of the product, the person using the Shoulder Tube should place his free hand behind his head so that the scapula is engaged. Pushing the shoulders and scapula back into place will help the Shoulder Tube target the shoulder complex and provide a more intense workout to the appropriate area.

The best way to use the Shoulder Tube is to perform up and down and side to side movement patterns that are initiated by the shoulder. The basic exercises are those out to the side and in front of the body in up and down motions as well as side to side as you move across the front of the body. Any time you begin to move the product out and in, or in a push and pull motion, the larger arm muscles do the work. While this causes the Shoulder Tube to flex more it does not work the shoulder as much, which is the primary purpose of the product. Also, be alert when performing any out and in (or push and pull) movements as there is a greater chance that one of the weighted ends of the product could make contact with the body.

If the Shoulder Tube becomes hot during long continuous use, give it a rest in order to allow some of the generated friction to dissipate. Allowing it to cool down will prolong the life of the product.

Lastly, the Shoulder Tube is made out of thermo-plastic and has no ‘shapememory’. The best way to store the product between uses is in its shipping container or laying on the floor or some other flat surface. If you stand the product on its end, it will begin to bow as gravity affects it. If this occurs, simply take the Shoulder Tube and bend it the opposite way of the bow until the product once again has the ideal shape to it. Losing its original shape has no effect on the performance of the product.

Don’t forget to check out the video on Oates of Trevor Bauer going through his routine with the Shoulder Tube! Good luck and enjoy this wonderful product!