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" Outstanding Stuff! I wanted to thank you for the outstanding customer service and products you have provided the Fastball USA Baseball Academy. Your company is hands down the best place to get equipment for training high level athletes. "
Mike Ryan
"Oates specialties not only provides equipment but they are innovators: constantly evolving to meet the training needs that are essential for the development of great pitchers."
Taylor Childress
"A buzz has been created about our arm care program. Numerous people have come up and inquired about the arm care routine they see our pitchers go through before practice and games."
Hunter Hoy
"Been using Oates products the past 3 years at our facility to train 100+ players a year. Top equipment for training our players and outstanding durability for how much we need and use it on a daily basis!"
Mike Trott
"Really impressed with the professional, knowledgeable service I received when ordering. You guys a top-notch!!!
Kyle Kirkpatrick
" Oates Specialties is amazing! I went from being stiff and tight to being loose and flexible. Thank you Robert Oates and Oates Specialties! "
Lonnie Patterson
" I highly recommend the Extreme Duty Weighted Balls to anybody. Over my years playing and now coaching, I have not found anything that works better. Great product, great price, and great people! "
Joey Pavlovic
" Thank you for the Shoulder Tube! Since we began using it we have not had a single shoulder related injury. It is also a terrific time saver in terms of getting a guy ready on short notice. I could not recommend this product more highly! "
Evan O'Meara
" Thank you for sending the equipment in such a quick manner! The program is working and my pitchers are really getting into it. I look forward to ordering more in the future. "
Jerry Coe
" Your equipment has been a real positive for our program! With your equipment and Ron Wolforth's program, our athletes have already made tremendous strides. Thank you and I look forward to utilizing your equipment for years to come. "
Eric Stone
"Oates Specialties, by far, has the best quality and most reliable products I have ever used. And, the customer service is second to none. Mr. Oates truly wants every customer to be satisfied. He stands behind his products. I recommend Oates Specialties."
Flint Wallace
" The Shoulder Tube is an excellent proprioceptive strengthening tool for the shoulder complex. Extremely sports specific for overhand throwing athletes. "
Scott McClatchy, LAT
" Great products from great people! The only source to consider for training tools. "
Lee Thompson
" Extremely knowledgeable people, great products and great service. Highly recommend. "
Brian Nichols