TAP® Connector Throwing Club

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The TAP® Connector Throwing Club is designed to help develop a connected and efficient overhand throwing pattern. Created at the request of Ron Wolforth, and used at both the Texas Baseball Ranch® and the Florida Baseball ARMory, the device is utilized as a tool to help correct the out-of-sequence external rotation of the throwing shoulder in relation to the rotation of the torso at weight-bearing heel plant. It is intended to replicate throwing drills and has its greatest impact when used in blended drills with a regulation baseball and the TAP® Connection Ball™.

  • Used to replicate throwing drills
  • Helps increase biomechanical efficiency
  • Aids kinetic chain sequencing
  • Facilitates an efficient throwing pattern
  • Great blending tool in conjunction with the TAP® Connection Ball™ and a regulation baseball

The TAP® Connector Throwing Club is designed to improve arm movement efficiency and reduce arm pain while throwing. To achieve superior throwing skills, it is crucial to have proper 'connection' in the body, which the TAP® Connector Club aids with through its unique design. In addition to addressing mechanical inefficiency (known as Forearm Play by Coach Wolforth), the TAP® Connector Club is also beneficial for addressing common 'disconnections' that limit a player's throwing ability and control. These disconnections refer to instances where body parts act independently and put stress on connective tissue, leading to injury, fatigue, and difficulty with recovery. The proprietary design of the TAP® Connector Club, with its center of mass located 12" above the hand, enhances body awareness and proprioception. The club's length also allows the body to find its ideal movement pattern. Made of solid wood, 16" long with a barrel diameter of 2.75", a handle diameter of 1.