TAP® Max-Grip Weighted Ball

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The TAP® Max-Grip sand-filled weighted balls have a non-slip matte finish surface that gives extra grip, unlike other pliable weighted balls available today. Made especially for Oates Specialties as part of our Extreme Duty series, the exterior of these proprietary balls are made of heavy-duty engineered resins creating a surface that's smooth enough to facilitate handling and slip-resistant to provide a safety-enhancing grip.

The thermoplastic shell casing is burst-resistant, making these durable weighted soft shell balls ideal for all training needs, especially throwing and batting. Intended to address the needs of amateurs and professionals alike, the Max-Grip Weighted Balls are designed to last while being easily cleaned to meet the hygienic needs required in today's athletic community.

  • Textured grip to provide better feel
  • Easily cleaned and sanitized
  • Provides underload/overload training
  • Outstanding differential learning tools
  • Challenges neuromuscular awareness
  • Excellent training tools for movement pattern development
  • Ball weights are color coded for easy identification
    • 3.5oz - orange
    • 5oz - purple
    • 7oz - red
    • 14oz - yellow
    • 21oz - blue
    • 32oz (2lb) - green
  • Extremely durable - one-year limited warranty against manufacturing and material defects


The TAP® Max-Grip sand-filled weighted soft-shell balls can help correct mechanical deficiencies while increasing strength. When implemented correctly, weighted ball training can benefit throwers and hitters alike.

Throwing Max-Grip Weighted Balls is an excellent addition to any off-season routine. The variable stimulus presented by the training can help develop movement patterns that add velocity and improve command. Training with heavy balls can strengthen muscles and ligaments/tendons in the elbow and shoulder, potentially decreasing the risk of injury.

Hitting Max-Grip Weighted Balls provide resistance at the point of contact requiring the batter to drive through the hitting zone. Used in soft toss drills or with the tee, the soft-shell construction of these weighted balls provides instant feedback. The pliable shell causes miss-hit or poorly hit balls to pop up or plunge to the ground and not travel far. The characteristics of the Max-Grip Ball allow hitters to adjust power and bat plane to produce a desirable result.

These weighted implements are not toys. Use proper instruction and supervision in areas with no sharp edges or points. If you consider using weighted balls, please keep the words of two prominent authorities in mind:

"Adding energy or strength to dysfunction is usually a bad idea."

-Randy Sullivan, CEO Florida Baseball ARMory

"Weighted Balls are simply a tool. They are NOT a panacea (solution) or a quick fix for anything. They can be beneficial, or they can be utilized inappropriately and have deleterious (harmful) effects."

-Ron Wolforth, CEO Texas Baseball Ranch

Instructions for use not included