KHAOS® Shoulder Shaker

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The KHAOS® Shoulder Shaker™ uses the unpredictable movement of water to create unstable resistance while performing movements that develop shoulder and scapular stabilization. Shifting water in the device challenges coordination and engages the shoulder girdle muscles. Efficient and effective, the variable resistance achieved with the Shoulder Shaker™ can increase shoulder stability, endurance, and control for maintaining/improving joint mobility and function.

  • Promotes co-contraction and shoulder stabilization, helping reduce the risk of injury
  • Allows full range of motion
  • Low-Impact and great for Arm Care
  • Weight/Resistance adjustable by volume of water used
  • Ideal for Warm-up or Cool-Down
  • Extremely Portable

The shoulder is a most complicated joint, with its function requiring many muscles to activate and work in conjunction to stabilize movement through a full range of motion. The stability of the shoulder joint depends on the co-contraction of both static and dynamic stabilizers. With the vast range of motion of the shoulder complex, dynamic stabilizers are crucial for neuromuscular control throughout all movements and activities. The Shoulder Shaker™ enables this co-contraction, facilitating improved movement coordination.

A perfect tool to use before and after any overhead activity, The Shoulder Shaker™ is well-suited for those working to regain shoulder strength, flexibility, and function. Chaotic and random perturbation caused by water movement combined with the size of the Shoulder Shaker™ allows training the shoulder stabilizers through multiple planes of movement. 

The device promotes stabilization of the shoulder by increasing the functional strength and endurance of the rotator cuff muscles through a full range of movement, challenging and developing proprioceptive receptors. Proprioception helps to stabilize a joint during static and dynamic functional tasks. Decreased proprioception can lead to an increased risk of injury.

The Shoulder Shaker™ was added to the Oates Specialties™ line-up to compliment the Shoulder Tube™ and Shoulder Sphere® offerings. While the Shoulder Tube™ offers superior rhythmic stabilization and the Shoulder Sphere® specifically targets the rotator cuff muscles, the Shoulder Shaker™ offers a functional self-powered option of achieving co-contraction exercises utilizing variable resistance achieved by altering the volume of water in the device-. 

The Shoulder Shaker is constructed of vinyl and is the smallest in the Water Ball family, with a diameter measuring 21 centimeters (8.25 inches). The user adds water (typically starting with 4 to 6 ounces) to the tool for unstable resistance; the remainder of the ball volume is filled with air; water and air are added or removed according to preference. The device is designed for use with one hand, left or right, with the palm of facing inward toward the ball, and has one adjustable handle to allow it to fit most.

The Shoulder Shaker™ is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Small and portable, it can easily fit in a gym bag, allowing the device to be taken virtually anywhere and used at any time. This arm health product can be used at home or on the road, as part of a routine exercise regimen, or as an efficient pre-sports warm-up device. Instructions for use are not included.