Khaos® Bulgarian Water Bag

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The Khaos® Bulgarian Water Bag is a uniquely shaped water bag that provides enhanced comfort as it conforms to the body. It is especially useful for rotational movements, as the long handles on either end allow the athlete to grip the bag closely at the front. This versatile bag can be worn behind the neck, on the shoulders, in a cradled position, and in various other ways.

Additionally, its greatest advantage is the ability to reach a different endpoint during the movement due to the perturbation caused by the water hitting the end of the bag. In comparison during a baseball swing for example, traditional waterboys and water balls have the water hit the end of the bag earlier in the movement (about halfway), but with the Khaos® Bulgarian Water Bag, the water hits at the point of contact, providing greater stability for the athlete. Master rotational movements with ease using this superior water bag.


The Khaos® Bulgarian Water Bag can hold up to 40 lbs of water, but we recommend filling it with no more than 20 lbs for optimal results. Its unique design allows for maximum instability, as the water crashes into the sides. The adjustable handles, located on the top of the crescent-shaped bag, make it suitable for a variety of athletes. Our premium locking valve ensures that air and water stay inside the bag. Each bag also includes a pump for filling it with water and air.