Bat SpeedChain®

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The Bat SpeedChain® allows the athlete to simultaneously train for both bat speed and power, making this SpeedChain® unique from other training aids available on the market today.

  • Improve power at the plate
  • Increase endurance
  • The Bat SpeedChain® is available in four sizes: 
    • Strong - Typically used by pre-adolescent hitters
    • X-Strong - Typically used by high school hitters
    • Ultra - Typically used by advanced high school hitters
    • PRO - Typically used by collegiate hitters

The original design for the SpeedChain® began as a device to increase golf swing speed and the concept proved effective for increasing bat speed. The basic concept of SpeedChains®, whether for golf, baseball, tennis, or any other sport, is based on movement-specific variable resistance. With the Baseball Bat SpeedChain®, the movement begins with lighter chain links allowing high acceleration and progresses to heavier gauges of chain requiring maximum force as movement passes through the hitting zone.

Muscularly mature athletes (including those considered strong for their age group) should consider using a heavier Bat SpeedChain®. Athletes taller than 6'4" should add extensions to this product. Chain ends should never be allowed to come off the ground/floor or gather around the feet during exercises.