Khaos® Water Balls

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  • Water Ball:
    • Orange (DISCONTINUED) (The 25cm ball, the smallest in the Waterball family, made of transparent orange PVC, comes with two adjustable handles, making it ideal for hitters looking to simulate swinging a bat with their hands closer together. However, this product can benefit anyone looking for effective and fluid movements.)
    • Black-MAX (The 30cm Waterball Max, a direct replacement to the Green Waterball, is made from a specialized polyester lined vinyl to offer maximum durability and easy portability.)
    • Blue (Made of vinyl, they feature two fixed handles, ideal for core and full body exercises. At 40cm, it allows for a wider hand placement, enhancing your workout and overall results.)

The Khaos® Water Ball with Fixed Handles utilizes a combination of water and air to create an unsteady weight that continuously shifts, challenging athletes to stabilize and brace themselves during diverse movement patterns. Featuring fixed handles on both sides, the Khaos® Water Ball facilitates rotational movements and a multitude of sport-specific exercises.

  • Enhance strength, balance, and stability
  • Improve postural control
  • Engage the body physically and neurologically
  • Utilize compound movements that enhance core recruitment
  • Easily used in circuit work by multiple athletes
  • Easily sanitized between uses
  • Waterboys and Water Balls are color coded for easy identification

The added water in the Khaos® Water Ball w/Fixed Handles constantly creates dynamic instability, adding a challenging element to traditional exercises and specific movements. Using this tool stimulates functional strength and targets muscles that are typically difficult to train with traditional weights. Its unstable nature requires strong stabilization and balance throughout the entire range of motion, making it an ideal training tool for explosive and powerful movements. Additionally, the filler port allows for easy weight and stability adjustments by adding or removing water, making it suitable for a variety of training needs. Offered in three different sizes, the Khaos® Water Ball w/Fixed Handles is a versatile and user-friendly alternative to traditional heavy weights, particularly for functional full body strength and power exercises.

25cm Orange – Approximately 20 pounds weight when filled to capacity
30cm Black MAX – Approximately 30 pounds weight when filled to capacity
40cm Blue – Approximately 50 pounds weight when filled to capacity

The Khaos® Water Ball w/Fixed Handles is durably constructed and will easily absorb impact when dropped; however, the device is not designed for impact throws or slams. An air pump is included; instructions for use are not included.