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SpeedChains™ are innovative training tools that revolutionize the field of high performance training.  SpeedChains™ use the Dynamic Systems Theory approach to train athletes effectively for their sport, whether that sport calls for swinging, throwing, kicking, or running.

SpeedChains™ are sport specific training aides for serious athletes wishing to increase their speed and maximize their power while providing a balance between overload and specificity training.  Accomplished through short duration, high intensity exercises, SpeedChains™ develop strength through coordination training with resistance.

What are SpeedChains™ - they are custom manufactured metal chains with various styles/types of handle attachments.  The initial chain links of the SpeedChain™ are small and lightweight and as the chain links progress outwards away from the handle they increase in size and mass.  When SpeedChains™ are moved there is free-flowing variable resistance capable of matching the strength curve of the muscle group with the resistance curve of the exercise. 

SpeedChains™ are highly flexible training tools, providing athletic movement patterns that can be adapted to train to specific needs of desired sport movements. The SpeedChain™ configuration allow exercise movements to be as fast as possible, typically six to eight seconds in length, concurrently training both eccentric and concentric movements.  The faster the athlete moves the SpeedChain™, the higher the resistance that will be encountered making the SpeedChains™ perfect for simultaneous speed and strength development. These basic movement patterns become the holistic building blocks for more complex, sport specific movements.

SpeedChain™ movement patterns signal feedback to the athlete through their sensory modalities:

  • feel (chain resistance being moved);
  • visual (seeing the chains as they move);
  • auditory (sound made by the chains during movement). 

These SpeedChains cues provide athletes information they can respond to allowing them to more aware and adaptable to their environment, providing an excellent opportunity for self-organization and promote differential learning.

SpeedChains™ feature Universal SpeedChain™ Segments that are custom manufactured interchangeable chains that can used with any SpeedChain™ attachment.  Available in three models: 

  • Strong  -  typically appropriate for the less developed athlete, typically in intermediate and middle school;
  • X-Strong SpeedChain™  - typically used by high school and collegiate athletes;
  • PRO SpeedChain™ - appropriate for larger and more muscularly developed athlete college and beyond. 

Each of the Universal SpeedChain™ Segments can be further customized to fit individual athlete needs by adding up to two Stabilizer Chain Extensions:

  • ½” Stabilizer Chain Extensions are recommended for the Strong and X-Strong Universal SpeedChain™ Segments
  • 5/8” Stabilizer Chain Extensions are recommended to be used for the X-Strong or PRO Universal SpeedChain™ Segments.
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