TAP® Advanced Command Trainer Target

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The TAP® Advanced Command Trainer is for pitchers desiring to increase command inside the strike zone.

  • Increase accuracy with all pitches
  • Durable

The TAP® Advanced Command Trainer Target provides an excellent tool for pitchers to develop the skills necessary to consistently execute pitches within the strike zone. The Command Trainer does this by providing an incredibly useful feedback system that involves clear goals with tangible results.

The training concept for utilizing the TAP® Advanced Command Trainer Target is deceptively simple while being brutally difficult. The pitcher is required to make his best pitches at optimum velocity with accuracy. The feedback is instant; either the target on the Command Trainer is hit or missed with every pitch, which provides an immediate and crystal-clear result.

It is well established that the means by which an athlete receives feedback can have a significant impact on how well the athlete learns and performs. A basketball player knows right away if a shot is made and the feedback is instant allowing for immediate adjustments. Pitchers need immediate feedback as well in order to make any necessary adjustments to their next pitch.

The TAP® Advanced Command Trainer provides the pitcher an opportunity to use three of his five senses to develop command:

  • Visual (seeing the ball hit/miss the target)
  • Auditory (hearing the ball hit the target)
  • Touch (as they develop/perfect pitch execution)

This sensory feedback tells the pitcher how well or poorly he is doing and can be essential to continued improvement and subsequent pitch mastery.

Here is what Coach Ron Wolforth has to say about the TAP® Advanced Command Trainer:

"Aristotle said "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit."

So often in our bullpens we throw 'good' pitches that just miss the strike zone. Very commonly we just pass over these 'misses' as insignificant or 'close enough'. In truth, these will often be called a 'ball' in a game and if we throw enough 'balls' in a game we will be in trouble.

The Command Trainer Target takes the variables out of assessment; either it hit the strike zone or it didn't. Clarity is critical in training any skill. Timely, accurate objective feedback is just as crucial. The Command Trainer affords both clarity and immediate absolutely relevant feedback.

Many pitchers 'assume' they have great command. The Command Trainer exposes the pitcher's precise ability. Now there is no place to hide. The Command Trainer will show you exactly where you are and is a tool that you can use to track your progress.

Remember, it isn't where you start that matters – it's where you finish."

The Advanced Command Trainer provides a 17" X 17" target, 17" off the ground, closely resembling the competitive strike zone. This rugged device has a 2" slip-joint steel tube frame with a durable vinyl target area and includes vinyl padding for the upright supports. The product design is intended to reduce damage from impact to pitched baseballs, thereby allowing the balls to stay in service longer. Reduced frequency of replacement encourages practicing with competition quality baseballs (instead of the scuffed or damaged older balls from the BP bucket) to develop quality pitches.

Assembly is required. Instructions for use are not included.