Designated Hitter

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The Designated Hitter allows pitchers to improve in-game pitching scenarios while eliminating the fear of injuring a player standing in the batter’s box. This full-size pitching dummy allows pitchers to have the advantage of practicing as if pitching to a real person.

  • Pitch inside
  • Eliminate fear of hitting a real batter
  • Improve control
  • Durable design

The Designated Hitter is a durable silhouette of a battery that provides pitchers with a unique and highly effective training tool. The device is a safe alternative to live stand-in batters allowing pitchers to practice with no risk of injury to the batter. Ideal for helping young pitchers eliminate the fear of throwing to a live batter, it provides experienced pitchers a great means to work on command and movement.

The Designated Hitter is used at all levels of baseball including the USA Baseball National Teams and top collegiate teams. Available in two sizes (5' 9" (pro) and 5' 2" (youth)) each figure can be reversed for use as a right or left-hand batter. The shape accurately represents strike zone reference points and has a removable drop line to simulate batters who crowd the plate.

Easily transportable and made of space-age polymers, it is constructed with smooth beveled edges and flat surfaces so pitches do not easily deflect at odd angles. The device is 3" thick and virtually indestructible. Ultra-Violet and weather resistant, it is suitable for use indoors or out. This product has a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer that provides for replacement if any damage should occur under normal use.