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The Diamond Kinetics PitchTracker was developed to give coaches and players an affordable tool (that is not a big, bulky, and expensive hardware system) they can take with them to the field or use in a facility setting. The leather smart ball has the feel of a leather baseball and is designed for bullpens, training, and showcases but not for game use. A practical tool to help assess pitches, the data available from the PitchTracker provides athletes instant feedback on their pitches.

Radar guns provide velocity readings, but that is it. Complicated hardware systems are expensive and not mobile. PitchTracker and the Diamond Kinetics 'Smart' ball solve that and more!

A small sensor is embedded into the core of each smart ball that generates 6 metrics on every throw: velocity, spin rate, extension, and three timing data points, including time-to-the-plate, delivery, and reach back until release point. The velocity and spin rate measurements are consistent with Rapsodo but it is the other metrics with the portability and affordability of the smart baseball that make the PitchTracker invaluable and a great complement to your pitcher's development

The PitchTracker comes with a ball and free iOS app to access the PitchTracker Dashboard and information about velocity and spin rate. Accessing measurements for time to plate, extension, delivery time, reach back to delivery, manual pitch charting for up to 5 types of pitches and the ability to record video to sync with the data requires a subscription from Diamond Kinetics. Subscription services ($9.99 per month or $89.99 a year) allow access to trend charts, groups & leaderboards, full pitch history and profile to profile connection (coach to multiple players for example).

Diamond Kinetics conducted thorough testing to ensure PitchTracker reliability and durability. The smart ball is best used when thrown to a catcher or into a net; repeated contact with hard surfaces are likely to damage the inductive charging coil or the interior sensor. The smart ball cover is leather and wear from use should be expected in the like manner expected of any high quality game baseball.

PitchTracker Available Pitching Metrics:

  • Release velocity
  • Release spin rate
  • Extension
  • Delivery
  • Time to plate
  • Reach back To release

From Diamond Kinetics PitchTracker:

  • Use one 'Smart' ball with unlimited number of players (requires $9.99/month Premium Pitcher subscription for each player)
  • Interactive Dashboard to show your last session and metric averages and maximums on your primary pitches
  • Video synced with pitch metrics - see how arm and body motion affects pitch metrics
  • Manage players and teams through the Groups and Connections features
  • Set-up custom Bullpens designed specifically for you or your players. Focus on improving metrics and command
  • View complete pitch history and trends. See past sessions as well as upcoming Bullpens
  • Customer support via live, in-app chat 7 days/week, 12 hours/day