Golf NOS™

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The Golf NOS™ is a training aid to improve the movement patterns of the golf swing and increase club head speed. Swinging the Golf NOS™ develops balance, tempo, and rhythm while improving swing plane. It is a tremendous tool for preparing the body to make powerful swings with an efficient sequence that has excellent carry-over skills to the drive.

  • Increase club head speed
  • Forces the body to speed up the rotation
  • Carries over to the drive

The Golf NOS™ was designed based on the concept of 'dynamic correspondence', first introduced by Professor Yuri Verskoshansky in 1993. The term refers to a training program's ability to directly affect the athletes sporting performance by providing specialized exercises. The criteria for those exercises require the exercise to duplicate the same neuromuscular pathway, develop strength over the same range of motion and duplicate the same muscular contraction as used in the competitive skill. Movements with the Golf NOS™ meet those criteria. It offers a direct opportunity for the transfer of movement enhancements gained to skill performance on the course.

With its development influenced by the work of Hawaiian golf innovator Kelvin Miyahira, training with the Golf NOS™ offers a means to develop increased lag while improving back swing, transition, and impact position. The device design allows it to be swung in both directions to promote body symmetry to counter the imbalances often encountered with the directional nature of the sport.

The Golf NOS™ was created to increase speed and maximize power using the Dynamic Systems Theory. It provides a balance of over-speed and specificity training through practicing maximal effort swings to stimulate the neurological system. The Golf NOS™ offers opportunities for self-organization while promoting differential learning to improve a golfer's unique individual golf swing.

The Golf NOS™ provides a means for increased club head speed based on laws of physics - centripetal force and pendulum effect. The design of the Golf NOS™ adds a chain and weight to the end of a club shaft forming a third pendulum in the swing. As the swing progresses, the weight of the added pendulum rotates around the end of the shaft extending the swing radius and increasing club velocity. The accommodation of the enhanced swing requires the recruitment of more efficient motor units to accommodate the swing resulting in an enhanced neurological pathway. Repeated swings myelinate the pathway ingraining it as a permanent movement pattern over time.

Using the Golf NOS™ encourages a well-executed swing that causes the pendulums to function sequentially in synchronized movement and not chaotically. As the rhythm and tempo of pendulums are executed in sequence the golf swing becomes effortless. It provides an excellent tool for discovery learning to generate club head speed in one continuous athletic motion that is controlled and well-sequenced with ball impact.

The Golf NOS™ is an ideal device for implicit learning. It can be used with high-tech measuring devices and cameras, or low-tech drills such as the 'whoosh drill'. It provides a means to find the proper wrist release point to maximize club head speed at impact resulting in greater distance. It is an excellent tool to practice the sequencing skills with the repetitions necessary to create and myelinate the neural pathways necessary for a fast swing movement pattern.

The device is constructed with a steel shaft and rubber grip. The shaft connects to a light twist chain attached to an end weight. The NOS™ is lighter than most drivers with an approximate weight of 275g; it has the capacity for adding a 48g chain weight (included) for a maximum weight of approximately 323g. The club has a length of 38.5" at rest and extends to 48.5" when swung due to centrifugal force extending the chain and end-weight. At full length, it is longer than most drivers, but not too long to impede swings or inhibit training due to the physics of centripetal forces. The physical properties of this device provide a means for focused training to deliver the club more quickly to the ball, producing more club head speed, resulting in more driving distance.

Each session with the Golf NOS™ is intended to be short, starting with low-intensity swings with each swing having increased intensity until the maximum effort is reached. After achieving maximum effort swings with the NOS™, swings should be blended with swings of a regular driver to ensure carryover. The Golf NOS™ should only be used after the normal pre-activity warm-up is complete but never when the golfer is fatigued.