TAP® Indoor Agility Set

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The TAP® Indoor Agility Set can be used to develop dynamic movement and enhance explosive movement capabilities of athletes.

  • Increases mobility
  • Develops quickness
  • Durable

The TAP® Indoor Agility Set can be utilized in a multitude of ways and is great for developing foot speed, flexibility, and agility. The uprights can be used without the crossbars as course markers for maneuvering/change-of-direction drills or with the adjustable crossbars for over/under drills.

Sold as a set consisting of 6 poles, 3 crossbars, and 6 clips, the possibilities are endless with this tremendously versatile training tool. The brightly colored upright poles and crossbars are 60" in length. The crossbars can be attached to the pole with adjustable swivel clips that allow the crossbar to be raised, lowered and/or angled at virtually any height.

The TAP® Indoor Agility Set has plastic bases that allow it to be used on hard surfaces indoors or out. The durable plastic base can be sand-filled to aid in stability.