Khaos® Bungee Suspension Trainer

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The Khaos® Bungee Suspension Trainer is a more intense and challenging strength development tool than standard suspension trainers and is ideal for those who have mastered the TAP™ Suspension Trainer. The device meets the demands of all sports providing a strength tool that dynamically challenges athletes' limits.

Athletes using the trainer must accommodate continuously changing forces created by the instability of the elastic bungee cords. The unpredictable and chaotic nature of these induced perturbations  forces muscular co-contractions and stabilization making it an ideal body weight training tool. No two movement repetitions with the trainer are the same due to the constantly changing amount and direction of resistance from the bungees making it an excellent differential training tool.

  • Increases strength, power, and endurance
  • Improves reactive neuromuscular abilities
  • Enhances range of motion and mobility
  • Promotes dynamic stability
  • Outstanding differential training  tool

The Khaos® Bungee Suspension Trainer can be used to strengthen the upper and lower body through exercises most commonly associated with suspension trainers. What makes this tool different is its use of bungees instead of traditional straps to support the weight of the body. What makes this tool special is the body-weight load constantly shifting due to the instability of the support bungees resulting in the dynamic distribution of load. The turbulence differs in magnitude and direction multiple times during each movement pattern as non-repeating chaotic events. The neuromuscular system supporting the load must accommodate these induced perturbations to execute the exercise movements resulting in a low impact, movement-based resistance training program that promotes body awareness.

The varied nature of closed-chain training exercises possible with the Khaos® Suspension Trainer can enhance strength, stability, endurance, power, balance, flexibility, coordination, and kinesthetic awareness . Its use increases proprioception  and neuromuscular control allowing the body to dynamically stabilize and promote unconscious reaction to the outside forces in order to maintain balance enhancing movement performance.

Movement patterns using the Khaos® Bungee Suspension Trainer recruits musculature across the body to generate the force necessary to complete the reactive drill resulting from the unsteadiness of the bungees. These reactive drills result in unknown patterns that can enhance stability, muscle activation, and speed of reaction. In addition, the instability challenges deep postural muscles to hold the body steady resulting in enhanced core strength, balance, and coordination.

Exercise strategies using the Khaos® Bungee Suspension Trainer can take advantage of the device's forgiving end ranges of movement that result in less stress on the joints and soft tissue. The dynamic nature of the exercises allows for time-efficient training while exercises can easily be modified to accommodate individuals with differing fitness levels.

The Khaos® Suspension Trainer is highly portable and can be used virtually anywhere there is a stable anchor for attaching the device. It ships with an anchor attachment strap, four bungees, two wide rubber-grip handles for the hands, and two large padded straps for use around the upper arm, torso, or legs. Instructions for use are not included.