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The Supi-Pro™ and Supi-Pro™ Extra provide the athlete with ideal tools to strengthen the forearm and wrist while increasing flexibility and range of motion. From an injury perspective, having good forearm strength reduces the risk of elbow and wrist injuries - the stronger the forearm, the more support and protection the wrist and elbow receive. From a sports perspective, wrist extension-flexion and forearm supination/pronation are critical movements in almost all hitting and throwing actions. Created to develop and enhance the forearm muscles, the Supi-Pro™ can lead to enhanced injury prevention and improved sports performance.

  • Strengthen Forearm
  • Increase Grip Strength
  • Enhance Elbow Health
  • Enhance Wrist Health
  • Promote Exercise Efficiency

The Supi-Pro™ is an outstanding tool for developing and maintaining a healthy arm! Traditional forearm strength programs may not incorporate four important wrist movements crucial for success in sports, despite their importance: supination; pronation; ulnar deviation; and radial deviation. The Supi-Pro™ accommodates these strengthening movements with seamless exercise efficiency. In addition to preparing an athlete for their sport, strengthening forearm muscles can make grip stronger and may help prevent ligament damage.

Simply put, it is easier to prevent injuries to the elbow than rehab them. The muscles of the flexor mass provide dynamic support for the stresses placed on the elbow that result from baseball, golf, tennis, and other high-velocity sports. With the high number of ligament injuries to the elbow and the injury resistance provided by the flexor mass, the Supi-Pro™ can offer an ideal tool to strengthen and protect the elbow.

The elbow is a complex joint that provides significant motion and function. The elbow allows primarily for extension and flexion of the arm, but also supination and pronation of the forearm. The rotation of the forearm around its longitudinal axis (pronation and supination) is critical because it allows the hand to be oriented. Pronation is the act of turning the palm downward, while supination is the act of turning the palm upward. Pronation is arguably one of the most important movements in many sports.

Pronation is present in almost all hitting and throwing actions. Pronation is evident when a baseball is pitched, a football thrown, a baseball or softball batted, in forehand and overhead swings in racquet sports, and with the golf club swing. Muscles associated with pronation and supination must be developed and maintained for arm health and always in balance to reduce injury potential.

Forearm muscle weakness is often a precursor to an elbow injury and compromised sports performance. The flexor-pronators of the forearm are particularly important for the elbow to withstand the forceful and rapid forearm rotation that occurs while participating in most high-velocity sports. Whether it is baseball, golf, tennis, volleyball, or any other sport, the Supi-Pro™ offers a tool that can strengthen the forearm and protect the elbow.

The Supi-Pro™ is a cantilever with adjustable weight(s) manufactured exclusively for Oates Specialties to improve arm health through supination, pronation, and flexion exercises. The leveraged weight of the device increases/decreases according to the weight position on the device; the closer to the hand grip the lighter it feels; the farther from the hand grip the heavier it feels. The leveraged weight(s) of the Sup-Pro™ and the Supi-Pro™ Extra can be calibrated using laser engraved markings allowing the athlete, trainer, or coach an easy and accurate method to identify, and record, the weight used.

The Supi-Pro™ lever weighs 2.55 pounds and has an adjustable 1.6-pound weight that can move up or down the length of the device. The weight position offers an infinite number of potential leveraged weight settings from 12.6 to 31.7 pounds. The Supi-Pro™ Extra™ is available for athletes requiring an additional weight challenge. The 4.2-pound device provides a leveraged weight range of 17.2 pounds to 41.7 pounds by adjusting the position of two 1.6-pound weights. (Weights are approximations.)

Each device includes a convenient carry bag. Instruction for use is not included.