TAP® Hitting Target

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The TAP® Hitting Target provides instant visual feedback to the batter. When used with a batting tee, the device becomes a self-teaching hitting aid for quality batting repetition. It can provide a means to objectively measure each hit, making every swing serve a specific purpose.

  • Adds variety and challenge to tee work
  • Provides instant feedback
  • Aids in developing ideal launch angles
  • Provides objective measurement
  • Can be used for self-directed drills as well as guided discovery learning
  • Safety Screen/Frame Not Included

The TAP® Hitting Target provides a low-tech method of providing high-quality information to hitters. Developed in collaboration with internationally renowned hitting coach Mike Ryan, it is an excellent resource for those who may not have everyday access to costly modern-day, high-tech equipment that can measure ball flight and calculate launch angles. Using this device with a batting tee provides the hitter instant feedback regarding how well the ball comes off the bat, in addition to a visual of ball trajectory.

Providing players a means for developing ideal launch angles can transition to achieving rewarding results at the plate. Dayn Perry at CBS Sports wrote:

"Balls that leave the bat at a vertical angle of between 10° and 30° lead to best offensive results. Hit it from 10° to 25° at the proper exit velocity, and you've likely ripped a line drive. Find the 25°-30° band (again, at proper exit speed), and you're in the home run territory."

Add the Ball Coach™ radar behind the tee to measure exit speed and you have an economical training tool that can be used in close quarters indoors or out.

Using the TAP® Hitting Target to determine desired launch angle while measuring ball exit speed utilizing radar can provide a more complete picture of hitting performance. While absolute radar accuracy may not be achieved due to angle (cosine) error, the setup provides an excellent way to measure the hitter's performance against their own personal records and ensure exit speeds are consistent and stable. True ball exit speed can be achieved when the radar is set up behind the tee and the ball is hit a true 180° away from the tee with a 0° launch angle from the radar. Individual hitting charts can easily be developed to track the results of every hit a player makes, giving an objective measurement of the player's development.

The tee is easily one of the most important tools for any baseball or softball player looking to develop a consistent batting approach and swing. Using the tee provides consistency; while the ball rests in a stationary position, the player has control of timing and approach. Variables are eliminated. While some consider hitting baseballs off of a batting tee boring, adding a TAP® Hitting Target will add variety by providing a way to establish measurable objectives; leader boards can be established as can competitive baseball hitting drills. Most importantly, players will have the tools to self-coach.

Hitting strength and power can be increased (while adding challenge) through the use of TAP® Max-Grip Weighted Balls off the tee and into the TAP® Hitting Target. Weighted baseball hitting drills can be effective, especially when athletes are struggling to hit the ball square and finish their swings. To successfully drive a weighted ball to the target, the hitter must hit the center of the ball while swinging all the way through contact with the power of their bodies. Regular baseballs can be blended with weighted balls in hitting drills; the resulting skills developed are known to transfer well to the plate.

The TAP® Hitting Target is made of durable vinyl material measuring 72" X 72" and ships with 12 bungees included for easy attachment to nets. The device is designed for use when attached to nets, i.e. safety screens, batting tunnels, etc., and is not designed to be attached to hard surfaces or chain link fences. Instructions for use are not included.