TAP® Suspension Trainer

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The TAP® Suspension Trainer uses body weight and gravity to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously. The intensity of an exercise can be increased, or reduced, simply by increasing or reducing the angle of the body in relation to the floor/ground. Serious athletes can use this implement to develop core body strength, as well as joint and muscular stability, thereby reducing the chance of injury.

  • Perform compound, multi-planar body weight exercises
  • Implement functional movement patterns
  • Enhance joint and muscular stability
  • Improve balance and flexibility

The TAP® Suspension Trainer is a valuable training tool for well-conditioned athletes looking to take their training to the next level. The Suspension Trainer provides an athlete the means to improve functional movement capacities by improving core muscle activation, coordination, strength, flexibility, and balance by putting the body in an unstable exercise environment.

The unstable nature of this exercise device requires the user to engage the core to stabilize the body against gravity and the movement of the exercise. Body weight and gravity are the key components that make the TAP® Suspension Trainer an effective tool; by changing body position, the resistance forces can be increased or decreased thereby affecting the challenge of the exercise.

The TAP® Suspension Trainer consists of two separate 85" straps that allow the use of high anchors in addition to placement at widths preferred by the athlete. This Suspension Trainer is superior in its ease of use because it has no buckles or slides. Instead, by simply attaching the handle or stirrup to any one of the multiple attachment loops, the athlete can change the angle of the body and quickly make an exercise more or less difficult. Unlike other suspension trainers, the handles and stirrups of the TAP® Suspension Trainer are attached directly to the suspension trainer and are not subject to ‘sawing’ or moving back and forth when uneven pressure is applied.

It is important for the athlete to progress from the easy to difficult exercise regimens to ensure a solid strength foundation is built using the TAP® Suspension Trainer. Athletes with strength deficits or those lacking core stability or joint integrity should ensure their intensity progression is appropriate, mastering each exercise to reduce the risk of injury. As with all exercise programs, the advice of a physician should be sought before engaging.

The TAP® Suspension Trainer can be used not only in the gym but at home or while traveling because of its portability and limited space requirements. It is versatile enough to attach to any secure and stable anchor, either directly or with the included attachment strap, indoors or out. Instructions for use are not included.