TAP® First Responder Resistance Tubing

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The TAP® First Responder device uses resistance tubing to strengthen muscles in the forearm for increased arm health.

  • Arm health
  • UCL protection
  • Improves deceleration pattern
  • Choose from two resistance levels
  • Green - typically used by pre-adolescent athletes and those in rehab
  • Blue – typically used by athletes with muscle definition

The TAP® First Responder Resistance Tubing was designed to activate and strengthen muscles on the inside of the elbow and for pronation neuromuscular re-education drills to protect the Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL). The UCL is also known as the 'Tommy John Ligament'.

The device can be used to provide mild resistance through arm pronation and shoulder internal rotation. Its design allows for a weighted ball to be held in a throwing grip strengthening finger and wrist flexors in addition to those muscles protecting the UCL. TAP® First Responder exercises can also assist in developing/reinforcing proper movement for eccentric control of the bicep muscle while pronating the forearm to prevent forearm supination.

The TAP® First Responder consists of resistance tubing with two adjustable finger cuffs for the index and middle finger. Instruction for use not included.