TAP® Mini-Medicine Ball

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The TAP® Mini-Medicine Balls are small and durable. Recommended for developing arm strength and enhancing arm health.

  • Develop arm strength
  • Increase arm speed
  • Improve arm action
  • Improve arm health and durability
  • Ball weights are color coded for easy identification:
  • 3lb - silver
  • 4lb - purple
  • 5lb - silver
  • 6lb - black
  • 7lb - yellow
  • 8lb - red

The TAP® Mini-Medicine Balls are sand-filled and have a durable vinyl shell. These medicine balls are pliable, easy to handle, and ideal for exercises or environments where minimal bounce back is desired. Resilient and small, these weighted balls can be used in close quarters as a tool to develop arm strength, increase arm speed, and promote arm health.

The small size allows them to be grasped with one hand making them excellent for throws and rebounding. They are often used with the Mini-Trampoline for rebounding exercises to strengthen the shoulder complex and 'Reverse Throws' to strengthen the arm decelerators. If used for throwing exercises it is recommended they be thrown against nets or padded surfaces.

Ball firmness can be adjusted by adding or decreasing air volume with an athletic ball inflation needle. These implements are not suitable for use where there is exposure to sharp edges or points. 30 day limited warranty against manufacturer defects. Instructions for use are NOT included.