TAP® Pummel Ball

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The TAP® Pummel Ball is designed for throwing, tossing, slamming, and catching. This durable sand-filled ball has little to no bounce and is ideal for performing a wide range of ballistic exercises.

These are NOT the size of a baseball or softball, but more the size of a volleyball. Please see our TAP® Max-Grip Weighted Balls for baseball sized soft shell balls.

  • Minimal bounce or rebound
  • Extremely durable, resilient soft shell
  • Ball weights are color coded for easy identification
    • 2lb - yellow
    • 4lb - blue
    • 6lb - green
    • 8lb - red
    • 10lb - purple
    • 12lb - orange
  • Used to develop explosive movement patterns

The TAP® Pummel Ball is a one-of-a-kind medicine ball designed to withstand heavy impact exercises. This sand-filled ball offers athletes the opportunity to perform a wide range of ballistic core exercises. The sand allows the ball to absorb the energy of the throw without a bounce. Unlike other non-rebounding slam balls, the Pummel Ball was specifically designed to prevent failure at traditional weak points, such as the filler plug and seams, for lasting durability.

Because of its durability and non-bounce characteristics, the Pummel Ball is a natural fit for medicine ball slams on the ground, catapults into a wall, and other high-velocity slams and throws. Additionally, it is an excellent choice for coaches, academies, or individuals working out in tight spaces or with individuals where the bounce is unwanted.

The Pummel Ball is available in 2lb, 4lb, 6lb, 8lb, 10lb, and 12lb weights, and their soft shell allows for a firm grip. Like a traditional medicine ball, the Pummel Ball can be utilized to improve core strength, explosive power, stability, and endurance as well as enhance range of motion, coordination, and flexibility.

The Pummel Ball should not be exposed to sharp edges, points, or extreme weather conditions. Neglect, such as being left outside in the sun and rain, can seriously shorten its lifespan. Instructions for use are not included.