TAP® Soft Medicine Ball

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The TAP® Soft Medicine Ball was developed to promote grip, wrist, and shoulder strength through the ranges of motion and is suitable for all exercises where a lot of bounce or slams are not required.

  • Enhances arm strength
  • Promotes arm health
  • Improves stability
  • Develops integrated strength

The TAP® Soft Medicine Ball was designed for basic strength training and is an ideal tool for medicine ball exercises where a lot of bounce is not wanted. These medicine balls are made with soft vinyl shells and soft filling that provides impact absorption. It is an ideal implement for use in activities such as medicine ball pass exercises where the padded construction offers the opportunity for rapid movement with reduced risk of injury.

Available in 8lb, 12lb, 16lb, and 20lb weights. These 14" diameter balls are not suitable for high impact or slam type exercises.