Arm Care Bundle

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A successful pitcher must have a healthy arm. The Arm Care Bundle provides a select grouping of tools to develop and maintain arm health.

Many agree that under preparation and subsequent overuse is a prime cause of arm injury. Conditioning programs designed to improve and strengthen the movement of the shoulder complex and arm can enhance pitch performance while reducing the risk of potential injury. Oates Specialties offers carefully selected conditioning tools that can meet the tough physical demands of the athletic pitcher.

  • Develop a strong and healthy arm
  • Improve stamina
  • Create intent
  • Enhance training
  • Cultivate efficient movement patterns

The Arm Care Bundle includes:

  • TAP® Baseball Training Sock
  • TAP® Connection Ball
  • TAP® Shoulder Tube
  • TAP® Ankle Wrist Weight (10lb Standard Duty Set)
  • TAP® Exercise Band - 9" X 3/8" (Yellow), 9" X 5/8" (Green), and 9" X 3/4" (Red)
  • TAP® Bell Club (1.5kg)
  • TAP® Pitcher's Friend Resistance Tubing
  • TAP® Gliders
  • Gymnastic Strength Rings (Pair)