TAP® Bell Club

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The swinging exercises associated with TAP® Bell Clubs are great for the strength and mobility of an athlete's arm and shoulder. TAP® Bell Clubs are great for warm-ups or a workout by themselves.

  • Improves strength and flexibility
  • Targets hand/wrist stability and mobility
  • Improves the stability and mobility of the arms and shoulders
  • Increases forearm and grip strength
  • Single-hand work

 The TAP® Bell Clubs are effective for improving strength, flexibility, and coordination. They were inspired by Indian Clubs with origins that are centuries old. While traditional Indian Clubs are made of wood the TAP® Bell Clubs are made of metal with rubber coatings.

The basic movement of the Bell Clubs is a swinging motion and is excellent for hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder stability/mobility. While beneficial for strengthening soft tissue, the effect of exercising with this implement on grip and forearm strength can be pronounced. Much credit can be given to Scott Sonnon and his club bells for bringing attention and focus to these ancient exercises.

The TAP® Bell Clubs are available in different weights. The weight needed for exercise can be deceptive due to the design of the device. The Bell Club center of mass is located opposite the grip area and the difficulty of the exercise (and leveraged weight of the club) can be altered simply by changing the location of the grip.

  • The 1kg (2.2lb), 1.5kg (3.3lb) and the 2kg (4.4lb) Bell Clubs are most often selected by overhand athletes to focus on pronation drills and shoulder flexibility drills with resistance
  • The 2.5kg (5.5lb) and 5kg (11lb) Bell Clubs are often selected by overhand athletes for dynamic exercises with a focus on coordination and agility
  • Heavier Bell Clubs are often chosen by athletes with advanced implement skills and strength

These weighted implements are not toys and should be used only with proper instruction and supervision. The TAP® Bell Club is not a weighted bat and is not designed nor intended to be used in hitting drills or subjected to impact of any kind. Instructions for use are not included.