Donley Hip Spin

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The Donley Hip Spin is an excellent device for enhancing rotational movement for athletes in power sports such as Baseball, Golf, Lacrosse, and Tennis. Efficient hip rotation is crucial for optimizing force transfer from the lower to the upper extremity. Developed by noted Physical Therapist Phil Donley, this tool facilitates correct hip turn and weight shift through assisted and resisted movements. The Donley Hip Spin is used while performing athletic movements (throwing, swinging, striking, etc.) at varying speeds, including duplicating the targeted sports skill at full intensity. In addition to focusing on increased range of motion and velocity, the device can aid the athlete's understanding of how the pelvic loading/unloading process feels when transferring energy through the kinetic chain.

  • Increase power
  • Improve performance
  • Promote kinesthetic awareness
  • Develop hip rotational velocity
  • Enhance hip range of motion

The Donley Hip Spin was created in 2011 after seven years of study. Conceived in professional baseball, its purpose was to improve rotational movement patterns for baseball pitchers and hitters and proved effective at the pro and amateur levels. It is effective for athletes desiring to improve muscle coordination and facilitates muscle firing in weak areas. Designed to improve functional movement, it is a valuable tool for any rotational athlete not exhibiting structural or muscular impairment.

Inspired by golf training methods, the closed kinetic chain device addresses neuromuscular control training that can be done with functional movement patterns. Used for self‐mobilization and re‐education of hip musculature the device is lightweight and can be used virtually anywhere there is someone to hold it or a place to attach the device. An athlete can use the Donley Hip Spin when practicing alone, or when with others, for self-directed and guided discovery learning while performing athletic movements such as throwing, swinging, or striking.

The Donley Hip Spin improves hip range of motion and rotational acceleration using assisted and resisted movements. When used to assist, the device forces the hip to quickly go through a range of motion, allowing the athlete to discover and practice maximized hip speed. When used to resist, the device provides accommodating resistance, enhancing strength to get the hips through the range of motion. Achieving improved speed and strength with the device can provide an outcome of increased power through the kinetic chain.

Dynamic athletic movements, aided by the device through the end ranges of hip movement, promote an increased range of motion and re‐educate musculature for increased rotational speed. Blending dynamic movements with and without the device during the exercise activity helps maintain a newly gained range of motion and speed. After completing the blended movements, the athletic movements can be performed at full speed in the field, on the court, or in the cage to achieve neuromuscular control of newly acquired ranges of motion and hip velocity.

The Donley Hip Spin is designed to optimize hip mobility and enhance rotational velocity using functional movements. Standard pre-activity preparation, including dynamic warm-ups, should always be performed before beginning exercises with the Donley Hip Spin. This tool should not be used if pain is present or known structural or muscular issues exist; it is not intended as an alternative to skilled treatment by a properly trained clinician. Instructions for use are not included.