TAP® Dynamic Arm Resistance Tubing

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The TAP® Dynamic Arm Resistance Tubing is an excellent device to assist in injury prevention while strengthening movement patterns used in sports. These portable and lightweight tools can be used both in-season and off-season for pre-activity warm-up routines and functional strength programs. Often preferred by athletes because of the convenience offered by using handles in exercises, the TAP® Dynamic Arm Resistance Tubing should be an integral part of any arm health program.

The TAP® Dynamic Arm is set apart from other quality resistance tubing products available because of its handgrip. The textured handle is made of easily cleaned rubberized thermoplastic material. Convenient to use, exercising with these comfortable grips provides the ability to accommodate a wide variety of band exercises and exercise routines.

  • Promotes a full range of motion, improves functional strength, and builds endurance
  • Elastic resistance allows athletic movements while providing resistance
  • A valuable tool for arm health
  • Portable - can be used anywhere there is a solid anchor
  • Choose from five resistance levels
    • Heavy Tubing (Green): typically used by the young athlete
    • Extra Heavy Tubing (Blue): typically used by the junior high athlete
    • Special Heavy Tubing (Black): typically used by the high school athlete
    • Super Heavy Tubing (Silver): typically used by the well-developed high school and college athlete
    • Ultra Heavy Tubing (Black): typically used by mature college and professional athletes
  • Pair of snap hooks is included

TAP® Dynamic Arm Resistance Tubing should be an integral part of any arm health program to prepare the arm for throwing and is equally important for non-throwing overhead athletes as well. The overhead tasks associated with throwing, swimming, tennis, volleyball, and golf all rely on similar muscle-activation patterns of the rotator cuff, humeral movers, and scapular stabilizers.

Particularly popular in baseball, pre-throwing exercises and strength training with resistance tubing has been accepted at all levels. Properly performed exercises can activate, strengthen and condition muscles important in the throwing motion while having a low impact on the joints. The TAP® Dynamic Arm Resistance Tubing is highly portable, allowing exercises to be performed virtually anywhere - in the bullpen, dugout, locker room, or on the sidelines.

The TAP® Dynamic Arm tubing utilizes elastic force to provide resistance throughout functional movement patterns allowing the ability to move freely during exercise. This tool permits the recreation of athletic movements and is not affected by gravity when compared to lifting weights, where gravity factors into the effectiveness of a movement direction.

The TAP® Dynamic Arm consists of easily sanitized rubberized hand-grips attached to 5" sections of resistance tubing. Looped ends provide for attachment to hand-grip and anchor (sold as pairs).

The use of a connecting device, such as snap hooks Snap Hook (Pair) (3/8") included), can extend the useful life of resistance tubing by protecting the tubing from nicks, cuts, abrasions, and/or scratches from its anchor. Instruction for use not included.