TAP® Eagle Claw Grip Strength Trainer

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The TAP® Eagle Claw Grip Strength Trainer offers a vast variety of exercises to improve grip and arm strength.

  • Increase grip strength
  • Improve wrist strength
  • Increase forearm strength
  • Improve functional strength
  • Can be used for similar exercises as a kettle bell

The TAP® Eagle Claw Grip Strength Trainer provides athletes a valuable tool for increasing grip, wrist, and forearm strength. Grip strength is sometimes an overlooked element of functional training and is typically the weakest link in the kinetic chain. A strong grip is key to transferring power from the lower body, core, torso, and limbs to the ball and bat.

Grip is vitally important in virtually all athletic activities. The Eagle Claw is designed specifically to accommodate pinching, gripping, and grasping through the range of motion.

Made of cast iron with gray hammertone finish.