Heavy Rope (Short Length)

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The Heavy Rope is utilized for exercises that effectively work each arm independently, eliminating strength imbalances while improving shoulder mobility, range of motion, and arm health.

  • Increases athleticism
  • Is a full-body exercise
  • Promotes symmetry
  • Enhances strength
  • Trains the ATP energy system
  • All rope's COLOR VARY and have BLANK BLACK end caps

Training regimens utilizing the Heavy Rope are ideal for short-duration, high-intensity exercises. Proper training with this tool can increase explosive power while enhancing core strength and stability.

This large diameter rope can also be used to implement an innovative exercise program developed by John Brookfield called "The Battling Rope System™ (program not included with rope purchase). This easily implemented training program thoroughly engages the hands, arms, and shoulder complex making it ideal for the throwing athlete.

The 1.5" rope weighs approximately .35lb per foot and is typically preferred by the pre-adolescent and high school athlete. The 2" rope weighs approximately .55lb per foot and is typically preferred by the mature high school and college athlete. Younger athletes, athletes just beginning rope training, and those with training space limitations may wish to first consider the 50' lengths. Request for custom rope lengths are accepted.

This polypropylene rope is resilient to rot or mildew, is resistant to most chemicals and acids, is cleanable, and can be stored wet. It should not be stored outdoors exposed to the elements.