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The Khaos® Water Yoke provides a training tool that can benefit the whole body with proprioception, sensory feedback, and kinesthetic awareness that is difficult to replicate with other forms of strength training. Combining elements of Unstable Load Training with elements of Hanging Band Technique, the device creates a unique and challenging fitness tool that benefits strength, balance and stability. It is not a tool that simply exerts maximum force to isolated muscle groups, instead it challenges the body using the moving dynamics of water combined with the perturbations produced by suspended spheres moving freely from a lightweight bar bell. This unstable load serves as a stimulus to strengthen core muscles and stabilizers as the athlete resists multiple planes of movement, enhancing balance and postural control while promoting core strength and stability.

Benefits of using the Khaos® Water Yoke:

  • Enhances strength, balance, and stability
  • Improves postural control
  • Engages the body physically and neurologically
  • Utilizes compound movements that enhances core recruitment
  • Easily used in circuit work by multiple athletes
  • Easily sanitized between use

Controlling the Khaos® Water Yoke as it is moved through an exercise requires the stabilization and recruitment of different muscles through the range of motion. As the Water Yoke's center of gravity shifts, the athlete must shift posture accordingly. As a low weight, high repetition training tool, this device challenges the athlete to complete both traditional as well as sport-specific exercises through compound movements that enhance core recruitment. The primary movers must synergistically engage smaller stabilizer muscles to move them effectively through the desired movement pattern. The unstable resistance created by moving water within the suspended sphere containers enhances controlled, balance-oriented movements that require refined motor skills. The Khaos® Water Yoke is a tremendous tool for athletes to improve athletic performance by improving their ability to move resistance effectively, efficiently, and precisely.

The Khaos® Water Yoke is intended for exercises that are low weight and high repetition. For athletes that do not have muscle hypertrophy as their sole fitness goal, the Water Yoke can provide a vital training adaptation that engages the body physically and neurologically through exercises in all planes of movement. For those athletes in heavy weight training, the device can be used effectively as a substitute activity for heavyweight off-days. It can also be used effectively as a low-load workout to maintain gains in season on recovery days and may actually enhance recovery.

The Khaos® Water Yoke is ideal for those athletes reluctant to train with heavy weights due to concerns of muscle hypertrophy or adding bulk. Proper use can lead to decreased body fat, increased strength, and endurance, without a significant increase in body mass. As a closed chain device, the uneven and shifting resistance of the device supplies increased joint, muscular, and neuromuscular activities making it well suited for field and court athletes because the feet are in contact with solid ground and all instability comes from the unstable load.

The Khaos® Yoke is useful for neuromuscular training and can result in improved stability and control due to the internal random load redistribution. The stabilization benefits of the Water Yoke outpace those of other stability training protocols because the lifter must manage three-dimensional instability as the spheres sway back and forth and side to side while resisting the shifting water within the suspended spheres. Training protocols with the Water Yoke result in a more functional exercise because the athlete has to not only focus on primary movers but synergistically engage smaller fixators and neutralizers to stabilize the load and move it effectively through the desired movement path.

Ideal for home, commercial, or institutional use the Khaos® Water Yoke is lightweight and portable. The device consists of two 16" diameter spheres with connector webbing. The spheres are designed to be filled with a combination of water and compressed air. The weight of each sphere can be altered simply by adding or removing water until the desired weight is achieved providing a resistance weight as small as 1lb to a maximum of 35lb. The balance of the device volume after water is added is filled with compressed air from the included air pump. (The spheres should never be filled to capacity - less water/more air makes the device more unstable). The Water Yoke consists of a 52" custom light-weight barbell, 2 water spheres, air pump, and 4 bar clips. Instructions for use are not included.

For a tutorial on how to fill our Water Products see video below