Khaos® Cradle Harness with Khaos® Water Ball 30cm-MAX

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The Khaos® Cradle (Pat. Pen.) uses the inherent properties of water to create unpredictable responses to movements, enhancing sports performance by improving body control and strength. The hands-free nature of the Cradle allows the athlete to hold sports implements while duplicating training motions modeled after movement patterns used in competition. The dynamic resistance of the water in the Cradle enhances athletic performance and overall conditioning by developing power in all planes of movement. All of its benefits make the Cradle a valuable tool for sport-specific training.

  • Allows freedom to use the hands to hold and manipulate balls, bats, and other objects while moving in all planes of motion;
  • Ideal for sport-specific training;
  • Perfect for personal training or circuit training;
  • The Cradle promotes strength, stability, balance, and body control;
  • Provides unstable load training with shifting water resistance requiring the body to react and re-stabilize.

Ideal for individual and team sports, training with the Cradle™ provides the top-down instability of water while freeing the hands and upper body to serve as points of sensory information critical for total-body control and stabilization. The Cradle™ uses water to provide unstable load training, with resistance, that is constantly shifting and moving, training movements - not muscle groups The device accommodates adaptation to shifting stimulus while moving on solid ground to maximize stability in unpredictable environments. This tool provides effective training for developing the neuromuscular and stability adaptations necessary to perform an athletic task effectively.

The Cradle™ is a custom-designed backpack harness and Khaos® Water Ball 30cm-MAX. The harness holds the Water Ball tightly in position in the center of the upper back, between the scapula, allowing freedom of arm and upper body movement. This positioning permits the unstable load benefits of the Water Ball to be hands-free while performing sport-specific exercises and drills. This training tool utilizes water to create unpredictable resistance and generates instability, from the top down, which helps enhance athletic movements. The Cradle™ allows maximum movement with stabilization challenges promoting integrated, functional, total-body exercise options.

The ability to train hands-free with the Cradle™ makes the device versatile for both exercise and training. The active resistance provided by the Water Ball works the body as a unit rather than in segmented parts, allowing hands-free movements in all planes of motion: sagittal, frontal, and transverse. These multi-planar movements allow variations that contribute to training complexity and provide training variation. The ability to vary exercises can reduce the physiological and psychological staleness that occurs with the repetitive performance of the same training movements.

When the water resistance of the Cradle™ moves, it more closely replicates the practical situations faced in sports competitions. As water resistance shifts, joint, muscular, and neuromuscular activities increase. Training with an unstable load of the Cradle™ requires greater neuromuscular and coordination demands while eliciting core muscle activation and challenging postural stability. Additionally, the Cradle™ emphasizes the somatosensory/proprioceptive control of balance beneficial in sports.

Created for elite athletes 12 years and older, the Cradle™ is a one size fits most harness accommodating most body types. The device is designed to hold the Water Ball 30cm-MAX, attached to the Cradle™ with hook and loop fasteners. The hook and loop connection allows the ball to remain firmly attached during movements and easily removed for exercises independent of the harness when desired.

The Khaos® Cradle™ includes the custom harness and Water Ball 30cm-MAX. Items may be purchased separately if desired. Instructions for use are not included.