Khaos® Waterboy

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  • Waterboy:
    • Orange (Made of transparent orange PVC, this slim water tube is longer and slimmer than other sizes, providing greater movement and a more intense workout experience. Perfect for advanced users looking for a heightened stimulus.)
    • Black-MAX (The Khaos® Waterboy MAX is made of specialized polyester lined vinyl, it features a robust construction with two fixed handles. This 8" diameter and 29.5" length product has a max capacity of 60lbs is a direct replacement to the previous green Waterboy model.)
    • Black (Made of vinyl and featuring fixed handles, this tube has a diameter of 11" and length of 29.5" with a max capacity of 100lbs; making it an excellent strength and stability training tool for the entire body.)
    • Gray (Made of durable vinyl with a 19.5" diameter and 29.5" length and a max capacity of 200lbs, this gray tube is perfect for advanced athletes seeking to maximize strength through water instability.)

The Khaos® Waterboy is filled with water and air to provide an unstable weight that constantly shifts, forcing athletes to brace and stabilize through various movement patterns. The Khaos® Waterboy has four handles, with two sets that run perpendicular to each other. The length and tube-like shape of the Waterboy make it perfect for those trying Olympic-style lifts or frontal and sagittal plane movements. 

  • Enhance strength, balance, and stability
  • Improve postural control
  • Engage the body physically and neurologically
  • Utilize compound movements that enhance core recruitment
  • Easily used in circuit work by multiple athletes
  • Easily sanitized between uses
  • Waterboys and Water Balls are color coded for easy identification