Khaos® Pivoter

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The Khaos® Pivoter is a training and conditioning tool based on the Asymmetrical Bar Training (ABT) concept. The Pivoter bar uses uneven load created by rubber resistance to force the body to rotate toward the resisted side. The asymmetrical load created by the rubber resistance constantly challenges balance, requiring muscle recruitment. Properly designed workouts will increase strength, improve endurance, build core strength, build rotational power, and help prevent injury. The Pivoter bar is portable and sets up easily with any secure anchor point.

  • Improves rotational strength and power
  • Facilitates full-body workouts incorporating multiple planes of motion
  • Enables dynamic and explosive movement patterns
  • Enhances balance and coordination
  • Increases stability and control
  • Builds strength and power
  • Portable, suitable for use indoors or out

The Khaos® Pivoter is an excellent fitness and conditioning tool based on the Asymmetrical Bar Training (ABT) concept. ABT is often considered unilateral or “one-sided” training, and in the case of the Khaos® Pivoter, refers to the application of rubber resistance to one side of the sturdy metal bar. This asymmetrical method of training is a great way to activate the core, awaken the proprioceptive system, and engage in a full range of motion movement patterns.

The sheathed rubber tubing attaches to one end of the Khaos® Pivoter Bar and to a secure anchor point creating an unbalanced or asymmetrical load. The difficulty is amplified by increasing the distance from the bar and its anchor point, increasing elastic tension through elongation of the rubber tubing. The elastic resistance of rubber tubing does not develop inertia, allowing faster, sharper movements without the inherent jerking often found in a cable system.

Workouts with the Khaos® Pivoter are fully customizable to help improve balance and create greater stability, strength, and core awareness. Full-body workouts can be developed to improve balance, posture, and rotational power.

The Khaos® Pivoter is a highly portable device consisting of a rigid bar with sheathed tubing attached to provide resistance. The durable device can be used in most environments, indoors or out, where secure anchor points are available. Instructions for use are not included.