TAP® Rubber Medicine Ball

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The TAP® Medicine Ball is designed to bounce and is a great functional training tool for increasing strength, explosiveness, coordination, and stamina.

  • Develop core strength
  • improve coordination
  • increase balance

Medicine Balls are versatile tools for total body workouts. These devices can be used to improve core strength, explosive power, stability, and endurance as well as enhance range of motion, coordination, and flexibility. These durable, hollow medicine balls may be used indoors or out and their bounce makes them ideal for wall-related exercises. They retain their shape and are available in 5 weights ranging from 4lb to 12lb. The 4lb ball is the approximate size of a volleyball; the 6lb and 8lb balls are slightly larger than a volleyball but smaller than a basketball; the 10lb and 12lb balls are the approximate size of a basketball.