Strength and Power Bundle

Prix $149.95

The TAP® Resistance Sled is a versatile tool for developing explosive power, quickness, and speed.

  • Push or pull design option
  • Develops dynamic power
  • Strengthens the lower half
  • Increases speed

The TAP® Resistance Sled is an excellent speed-development tool. The device provides resistance when towed during sprint training in addition to many other pulling drills. Its unique design also accommodates pushing exercises making it a truly versatile conditioning tool.

Its appropriate use with moderate levels of resistance in high-intensity, short-duration exercises offers an exceptional opportunity to improve acceleration and speed. The lightweight design of the sled makes it an attractive choice for entry-level athletes while adding Olympic weight plates increases sled weight and resistance making it an appropriate choice for advanced athletes. The sled, when used with a rope (not included) for pulling, can be used for shoulder, arm, and grip strength development.

The sled is constructed of welded steel and measures 40" long and 25" wide. A 9' tether with a light-duty shoulder harness is included. Heavy use applications should consider adding a resistance belt with tether.


The TAP® Pummel Ball is a one-of-a-kind medicine ball designed to withstand heavy impact exercises. This sand-filled ball offers athletes the opportunity to perform a wide range of ballistic core exercises. The sand allows the ball to absorb the energy of the throw without a bounce. Unlike other non-rebounding slam balls, the Pummel Ball was specifically designed to prevent failure at traditional weak points, such as the filler plug and seams, for lasting durability.

TAP® Bungee Cords are a great functional training tool because of their limitless applications, portability, and low cost. Created for the extreme demands of the elite athlete, this interval training tool takes ballistic movement training to the next level. Agility and speed can be addressed concurrently by incorporating resistance drills emphasizing all major muscle groups through an overload effect.

18" Cones: In addition to indicating practice areas, these economical 18" Cones are ideal for marking course boundaries for dynamic warm-up activities, agility drills, and plyometric training. The highly visible orange-colored 18" plastic cones are great for marking distant targets.