TAP® 'K' Grips

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The TAP® 'K' Grip is designed to increase grip strength by activating muscles in the forearm and hand. These unique baseball-size implements are an easy and affordable way to train grip strength by altering the position of the user's hand to utilize their natural gripping power during exercise. This versatile tool improves functional grip strength while providing the added benefit of increased training variety and intensity.

  • Improve grip and pinch strength
  • Increase training variety and intensity
  • Portable and easy to install
  • Fits most handles and bars
  • Made of durable rubber
  • Sold in pairs

The TAP® 'K' Grips are a great option to improve grip strength. These baseball size devices aid in grip strength development by adding thickness to the handles of most exercise devices allowing the user to utilize their natural grip during exercise.

Grip and pinch strength are critically important attributes of the functional integrity of the hand and vitally important in most sports. Often taken for granted, grip strength has been shown as a predictor of overall body strength.

While grip strength may be one of the most important attributes, it could be one of the most overlooked areas of athletic development. In baseball, for example, grip plays a vital role whether swinging a bat or throwing a ball; pitchers, in particular, use the intrinsic muscles of the hand to throw balls with various pitches.

The TAP® 'K' Grips are completely portable tools and will stay in place during aggressive training. These rubber grips are easy to install by opening the gap and slipping it over the bar or handle for a solid fit. The outside diameter of the 'K' Grip is approximately 2.8"; the diameter of the inside opening is approximately 1" which will fit most standard and Olympic bars. Use the TAP® 'K' Grip on all equipment handles and add versatility to training.

Instructions for use not included.