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The TAP® Slideboard is an exercise slide, also known as a lateral-movement trainer. Movement on the slide board is performed as a closed kinetic chain exercise where the foot or hand remains in contact with the ground throughout the entire exercise. This "closed" movement creates load on the joints and muscles, which increases joint stability during dynamic movement. Commonly associated with hockey training, the slide board is effective in training movement patterns used not only in hockey but in most sports such as basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, lacrosse, and football. Training with the slide board provides a means for low impact, weight-bearing exercises to improve change of direction, balance, and agility while developing muscular strength. The slide board is a versatile tool that can be used for multiple purposes in the strength and conditioning environments.

  • Increase power and speed
  • Improve balance, change of direction, and agility
  • Heighten proprioception
  • Enhances balance, agility
  • Provides low impact exercises

Slide training with the TAP® Slideboard allows multifaceted, closed kinetic chain, weight-bearing activities that are low-impact for the lower and upper body. It can be used to improve joint integrity as well as enhance muscular strength, endurance, proprioception, agility, balance, body composition, and cardiorespiratory fitness.

The lateral slide trainer was originally designed as a sport-specific, off-ice training device for winter sports athletes but its benefit has expanded to include conditioning and training for athletes in multiple sports. It allows exercise that integrates multiple muscles and requires stabilizing forces to the joints while performing athletic movements.

Slideboards are commonly used for lower half training but can also be used for upper body exercises. Sliding is often only associated with training lateral movements for strengthening the legs and core while providing an effective means to protect against hip and knee injuries. Slideboard training has also been found to be extremely effective for the upper body and invaluable in strengthening the shoulder complex, promoting joint stability and arm health.

While the TAP® Slideboard is specifically designed for heavy commercial and institutional use, it is also an ideal addition for a home gym. The TAP® Slideboard is a flat, smooth surface approximately 7' in length that will accommodate a number of different exercises. Its durable two part construction makes it more portable and easy to store when not in use. Both ends of the board have polymer bumpers that serve as stops when performing side-to-side motion. The device is designed for use on flat, stable surfaces. Weight may be added to the slideboard end to provide extra stability when necessary or anti-skid rubber mat (not included) may be used to provide extra traction or protect finished floors. Athletic shoes with shoe covers are worn during lower body slide exercises; shoe covers may also serve to cover the hand when performing upper body exercises.

Constructed of solid polymer, the two-piece slide board is 84" long, 19.7" wide and .5" thick when assembled. (This is NOT a "roll-up" style slideboard). The TAP® Slideboard fits together by means of a close-fitting interlocking tongue and groove closure that allows the TAP™ Slideboard to be readily assembled for smooth gliding and disassembled for transport and easy storage. Do NOT carry on each side when assembled while letting the middle sag. This can bend the tongue and groove closure and cause difficulty assembling in the future. Mishandling of the slideboard will void the warranty. Two angled polymer bumpers provide a stable anchor for change of direction. This proprietary fastening system joins the two HDPE pieces together to allow smooth sliding and prevents the pieces from shifting sideways or elevating. Soft booties that fit over fitness shoes are recommended to be used for slideboard exercises; one pair of soft booties is included with the TAP™ Slideboard purchase. The TAP™ Slideboard surface can be very slick. Always perform exercises with a spotter present to prevent falls and possible injury.


  • Length: 7' (213cm)
  • Width: 19.7" (50cm)
  • Thickness: .5" (12.7mm)
  • Material: HDPE
  • Bumper quantity: 2 pcs
  • Bumper size: 19.7" (500mm) length X 1.6" (40mm) height X 1.2" (30mm) width
  • Bumper material: HDPE
  • Product weight: 35.2lb (16kg)

The TAP® Slideboard ships in one box. Assembly required - no tools necessary. Instructions for use not included.