TAP® Lateral Plyo Device

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The TAP® Lateral Plyo Device is used to increase lateral power and improve explosiveness. With dynamic movements similar to a slideboard, the user must bound from side to side with the level of difficulty determined by the distance between the angled platforms. Single angles are often used in the pitching drill sometimes known as "Hookems".

  • Improves lateral movement
  • Increases hip strength
  • Improves ability to drive the body
  • Allows for the practice of pitching delivery
  • Balances the strength of your lower half

Lateral Plyo Angle (Single) and (Pair):

The Lateral Plyo Angle (Single) comes with 1 Plyo Angle and a Pair comes with 2 Plyo Angles. The dimensions are 26¾"L x 16"W x 4¾"H

Lateral Plyo Device (Complete Set):

The Lateral Plyo Device (Complete Set) is designed to improve lateral strength, power, and endurance. Its unique design provides a non-slip platform for the most powerful athlete. Two steel-frame-angled platforms may be set at any location along with an 18" wide, 12' long rubber mat. The exercises become progressively more demanding by increasing the distance between the angled platforms. The Lateral Plyo Device is easy to set up and disassemble, providing for compact storage. The Lateral Plyo Device set ships in 3 boxes totaling 92lb.

Lateral Plyo Device 12' Rubber Mat:

The Lateral Plyo Device 12' Rubber Mat comes with the Rubber Mat.