TAP® Target Glove Set (Large)

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The TAP® Target Glove Set provides the tools necessary for high intensity, short duration exercises promoting explosive neuromuscular efficiency.

  • Great for conditioning
  • Perfect for developing fast twitch muscle fibers
  • Promotes eye-hand coordination

The Target Glove Set is an excellent tool for training the fast-twitch ATP energy system. This product can help train explosive upper-body movements such as those needed when throwing or swinging. It helps to enhance coordination as well as improve agility and quickness as the athlete must repeatedly connect with the mitt.

Whether training for speed or power, the Focus Mitt and Bag Gloves are a great cross-training addition to an athlete's workout. Recommended to be used in short duration, high-intensity sets, this mitt and glove set will help develop more efficient neuromuscular pathways thereby making athletes better prepared for quick, powerful, and explosive movements in their respective sport.

The economical focus mitt is made with shock-absorbing foam with a full hand pocket secured with a Velcro® closure wrist strap.

The cost-effective bag gloves are constructed with soft cell foam for superior protection and comfort and are available in medium, large, and extra-large sizes.

Colors may vary.