TAP® Balance Beam (Folding)

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The TAP® Balance Beam (Folding) improves joint stability through moderate instability improving motor skills and balance while strengthening the lower half.

  • Body control
  • Strengthen ankles
  • Strengthen feet

The TAP® Balance Beam (Folding) combines the instability of soft foam with the characteristics of a balance beam to provide an unstable surface for functional training to develop body control. It is designed to improve balance and coordination and is a good choice for core stabilization exercises and exercises requiring a k-board.

The ability to stabilize and maintain desired body position is extremely important to skilled athletes. With throwing athletes, balance/stability deficiencies are sometimes addressed with more priority than overall conditioning. These deficiencies can be addressed with balance exercises implemented with the aim of optimizing performance and preventing injury.

The Balance Beam (Folding) is ideal for barefoot training. The use of turf or field shoes with the product are not recommended. The Balance Beam (Folding) is 74.8" long, 2.35" thick, and 7.1" wide. Folded length is 37.4".