TAP® Speed Chute

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The TAP® Speed Chute builds strength leading to better overall athletic performance. The Speed Chute provides progressive resistance; the faster you run, the more it drags, making it effective for every ability level.

  • Build speed
  • Develops explosiveness
  • Velcro® quick release for over speed training

The TAP® Speed Chute is ideal for the athlete who wants to develop quickness and durability. The parachute opens during sprints and short runs, developing strength and endurance through air resistance similar to an uphill run. Releasing the Velcro® belt during the run eliminates resistance providing explosive acceleration for over-speed training similar to running downhill. The combination of resistance and over-speed training provided by the Speed Chute improves stamina and ballistic speed during short-duration interval training.

Available in three-dimensional sizes:

  • 48" - Typically used by the post-adolescents with slighter builds
  • 56" - Typically used by the post-adolescents with medium builds
  • 72" - Typically used by the mature athlete

Easily folds down to fit in included 10" X 6" X 3" carrying case.