Arm SpeedChain®

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The Arm SpeedChain® is a great tool for strengthening, recovering, and conditioning the arm. It is also highly effective with arm action efficiency. Following the idea that blood flow and limited stress are needed after competition in order to recover faster, the throwing chain allows for the athlete to get their arm moving with some stress similar to the activity, but without going to the point of more damage if time under tension is managed.

There are a lot of great options on the market to train grip strength and forearm musculature, but the Arm SpeedChain® takes it to a whole new level. The ability to train supination, pronation, flexion, extension, radial, and ulnar deviation all at once, makes this tool invaluable. The time spent on general exercises to strengthen an isolated area can be quite extensive. The Arm Speedchain® allows for all the areas of the wrist and forearm to be trained holistically in a much shorter period of time. The athlete applies the principle of specificity by using the arm chain to mimic that of the activity they are aiming to improve, and the transfer should be greater because the movement is very similar. With the weight of the chain and the position of the chain, it forces the player to pronate when using the chain promoting a good finish while causing the athlete to efficiently move through their acceleration phase as well.

Utilizing the chain in a short burst of six seconds or less will primarily target the ATP-CP energy system which is the primary system used in most sporting events. Because this can target the same energy demands of the sport, it is highly effective for conditioning the arm and the body. The light resistance beginning close to the throwing attachment allows for speed to be trained, and then the focus shifts to power as the weight of the chain increases. This varying resistance or differential learning continuously challenges the athlete very similar to the demands on the field or court. The weight increase of the chain also encourages the body to work together as one integrated unit to accomplish the task. This is an example of the Dynamic Systems Theory that believes the body does not accomplish athletic goals in isolation of musculature, but integrated/holistic instead. The self-organization and discovery that takes place when the athlete understands they can more rapidly move the throwing chain by using their whole body, and not just relying on the arm solely.

The Arm SpeedChain® is an outstanding general training implement that can be purchased as a stand-alone training tool consisting of a gripping attachment (Webbing ovals for fingers to slide through), Universal SpeedChain® Segment and Chain Carrier. For an enhanced training experience, consider the TorsoBurner® and/or the Leg SpeedChain®. Either or both of the Universal SpeedChain® Segments used with the TorsoBurner® can be used alternately with the Arm or Leg SpeedChain® Sport Specific Quick-link Attachments. All components are available and can be purchased individually. Instructions for use are not included.