Tennis SpeedChain®

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The Tennis SpeedChain® is an incredible training tool for tennis! It addresses the specific demands of tennis, reinforcing coordination with resistance versus isolated strength training.

  • Increases racket speed and power
  • Provides sport specific power transfer
  • Great warm-up tool
  • Improves efficiency in the serve, backhand, and forehand shots
  • Improves athleticism
  • General sizing guideline to aid in proper SpeedChain® selection
SpeedChain Model Service Speed General Skill Level
Strong SpeedChain Serve Speed: Under 80mph NTRP 2.0 - 4.0; Juniors, Seniors
X-Strong SpeedChain Serve Speed: Between 80mph - 90mph NTRP 4.0 - 5.5; Tournament Players
Ultra SpeedChain Serve Speed: Between 90mph - 100mph NTRP 4.0 - 5.5; Tournament Players
Pro SpeedChain Serve Speed: Over 100mph NTRP 5.5 - 7.0; NCAA, WTA, ATP

The Tennis SpeedChain® is an incredible training tool for tennis. It addresses the specific demands of tennis, reinforcing coordination with resistance versus isolated strength training. The device uses a Dynamic Systems Theory approach to training; this provides athletes a means to increase the speeds at which they can execute complex, multi-joint, multi-plane movements that are powerful, fast and specific to tennis.

Training with the SpeedChain® allows the body to self-organize to find better ways of moving. It improves pre-tensing mechanisms to reduce muscle slack enhancing the ability to create high acceleration at the point of ball impact. A versatile implement, the SpeedChain® can be used to train serve, groundstrokes, and volleys and can be used under different training conditions to promote differential learning. Movement of the chains reinforces tactile, auditory, and visual cues/feedback increasing proprioception while reducing potential for training monotony.

The variable force delivered by the SpeedChain® provide a means to achieve game like movements using the same energy systems with similar intention impeding negative transfer. Power and speed are developed through high intensity short duration exercises enabling the increase of complex movement speeds. SpeedChains® provide a means to achieve the strength and flexibility necessary to meet the specialized demands of tennis.

Each model may have up to two SpeedChain® Extensions added as necessary when service speed, strength and skill ability increases. If there are questions about model sizing it is recommended to undersize the model size and make adjustment with extensions.

Training with the Tennis SpeedChain® allows the body to perform at increased speeds while working against varying resistance forces created by the chains. The Tennis SpeedChain® consists of a handle with a racket style grip attached to metal chain. The link size of the chain increases from small and light attached to the handle to large and heavy at the end. This construction enables quick acceleration to high velocity speeds with increasing resistance. As movement direction is changed the net force decreases until it reaches zero allowing the athlete to accelerate quickly in the other direction. Note: Always waggle SpeedChain® through full range of motion before beginning exercise.

The Tennis SpeedChain® is an outstanding tennis training implement that can be purchased as a stand-a-lone training tool consisting of a tennis style handle, Universal SpeedChain® Segments and Chain Carrier. For an enhanced training experience consider the TorsoBurner® and/or the Leg SpeedChain®. Either or both of the Universal SpeedChain® Segments used with the TorsoBurner® can be used alternately with the Tennis or Leg SpeedChain® Sport Specific Quick-link Attachments. All components are available and can be purchased individually. No instructions are included.