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The TAP Conditioning® brand provides innovative training tools for athletes. This broad assortment of implements develops and maintains the athleticism necessary for sports. They allow athletes to train movement patterns that resemble, and can be blended into, the movements of their sport.... The acronym TAP™ evolved from the initials of Ron Wolforth’s "The Athletic Pitcher" program, the impetus for the development of this eclectic line of athletic gear. Since the brand creation in 2004, TAP Conditioning® products are used at all levels of baseball and embraced throughout sports by male and female athletes.

SpeedChain® are custom manufactured metal chains. Used with their distinctive handle attachments they enhance sport-specific movement patterns. Exercise movements with SpeedChain® products deliver free-flowing variable resistance suitable for all athletes. SpeedChain® applies the Dynamic Systems Theory approach to increase speed and maximize power offering an excellent balance between overload and specificity training.... Created to improve swing efficiency in golf, these training tools have applications for every sport.

The Khaos® brand implements create an adaptive learning environment through instability and perturbations. These challenging devices strengthen stabilizer muscles, tendons, and ligaments without excessive weight. Exercises are with lighter loads causing stress and increased difficulty with instability. Khaos® products force the athlete to adjust with every movement, increasing kinesthetic awareness.... They allow movement problem solving and self-organization. These unique tools optimize the athlete’s ability to adjust and adapt during athletic and game-like movements.

The Pitching Pad® product line is a collection of revolutionary throwing and hitting targets. The unique training tools provide a practical solution to pitching and hitting skill development.... As deliberate practice aids, they provide a means to enhance accuracy and control. Pitching Pad® products offer flexibility to accommodate many training protocols and styles.