Balance Pad, Oval Balance Pad, and Balance Pod

I wanted to take the opportunity in this post to bring to your attention a newly added section on the Oates Specialties home page. The new tab located on the left hand side of the screen is titled “Stability and Balance.” For those of you who have read some of my previous blogs you already know how critical stability and balance is to athletes. Because of the growing emphasis placed on those types of exercises we wanted to create a section with just those products that you can pick from to help increase you or your athletes’ stability and balance. There are a number of new products in this section as well. In addition to the balance disk, which we have carried for some time, we now also have the balance pad. This pad is made of soft cell foam 2.5 inches thick. Unlike the balance disk that is filled with air to create destabilization, the foam gives in to the weight of an athlete’s foot or hand to create a more instable surface forcing an athlete to work had at controlling his/her body. The pad can be used for many exercises such as squats, pushups, bridges, one legged exercises and many more.



The oval balance pad is very similar to the balance pad but it is less than half the size. It still provides the same great benefit but at a less expensive price.

Balance Pad

The other new product in this section is called a balance pod. These products are essentially two sided as they can be placed flat side down for less difficulty or rounded side down for more instability and a greater challenge. The balance pod is ideal for barefoot training as it can help strength the foot simultaneously as the athlete improves his stability and balance.


Balance Pod

Oates Specialties recently shot video of an athlete using the balance pad and the oval balance pad and this video is in the process of being edited. Hopefully I will be able to add the video in a post sometime this coming week. In addition to these three new products, this new section is also comprised of 10 other items including an incline board, gymnastic strength rings, exercise plyometric ball, and a Shoulder Tube among others. Check out the new section if you are interested in our stability and balance products!

Click here for the TAP® Balance Pad (Oval) Video

Click here for the TAP® Balance Beam Video

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Brian Oates

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