TAP Slam Net - Rotational Explosiveness

For those of you familiar with Oates Specialties you know that we are always searching for new explosive exercises to train athletes. One of our newest products, the TAP Slam Net, is a tool that allows an athlete to perform ballistic, multi-directional exercises that forces him to focus on controlling his body while moving at top speeds.

The Slam Net is a net bag made of durable polypropylene twine and is 72 inches long with an opening on one end that allows the athlete to insert a medicine ball into it and then close the opening to secure the ball. Because the athlete is primarily training for speed, a 2 or 4 pound medicine ball is recommended to be used inside the bag.

Once the ball is inside the net the athlete grips the handle at the end of the net and has several exercises that he can perform. The first set of exercises are performed standing up with the athlete having plenty of space to work the net all the way around him. The athlete begins by swinging the ball over his head and hitting the ground beside him. When the ball hits the ground the athlete is forced to immediately redirect the ball over his head and hit the ground on the other side of him. Because of the distance from where the athlete is holding the net and the ball it requires a lot of speed and energy from the athlete to keep the exercise going. Like most exercises, this should be done for a set duration which means that for the baseball athlete or those targeting the ATP energy system it should last between 6-12 seconds. Additionally, it is very easy to keep track of the number of reps as the athlete can count each time the medicine ball strikes the ground.

After going side to side over his head while standing up, the athlete can then perform another set of exercises with the Slam Net where the athlete hits the ground in front of him and then as far behind him as possible. This requires the athlete to work on his rotational ability as he is hitting in front and then turning to hit behind him. This can be done with the athlete turning both to the left and the right.

Another variation of the drill can be done standing up against a wall. This is very similar to the wall series that is done with the Double Handle Medicine Balls. The athlete pounds the ball against the wall on both sides of his body while trying to move as fast as possible side to side. This can really force the athlete to move rapidly as the ball begins flying back in forth in front of the athlete’s body.

A third set of exercises can be performed with the athlete sitting down on the ground. The athlete can raise his legs and hit the ball side to side on the ground on either side of his body. Next, the athlete can open his legs into a V shape and pound the ball on the ground to the left, middle, right and then back again over and over until the time is up. Another exercise that can be done, and is quite difficult, requires the athlete to sit on the ground and looks alot like ab crunches. The athlete can pound the ball on the ground over his head while lowering his back on the ground and then crunch forward hitting the ball on the ground in front of him between his legs.

These are just a few of the variations that are possible when working out with the new TAP Slam Net. It is easy to switch the purpose of training from speed to power by requiring the athlete to hit the ball on the ground with as much force as he can before redirecting and swinging the ball the other way. Numerous rotational drills that mimic a batter’s swing can also be performed with the athlete hitting the ball into a screen, pad, or wall. Most of the exercises I have described are shown on the following video and give a good idea of the intensity and types of exercises available to an athlete who has a TAP Slam Net.

As you can see from the video the Slam Net forces an athlete to focus on controlling the momentum of both his body and the ball while performing exercises at full speed. The Slam Net helps to strengthen the entire core region as well as the shoulders and back. We are also offering a 10% discount when purchasing a 2 or 4 lb medicine ball with the Tap Slam Net. (Click here for video. Start at 8:46)

If you are interested in purchasing this explosive training tool please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

Until next time, Brian Oates


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