Trevor Bauer "Javelin"

For those of you who have been watching the College Baseball World Series you have most likely seen a clip of UCLA's ace pitcher Trevor Bauer and what the announcers (namely Nomar Garciaparra) are calling his Javelin. The camera's have been focusing on Bauer using the Javelin during his warm ups before the game and between innings. The "Javelin" is in fact Oates Specialties' Shoulder Tube.

The Shoulder Tube is a phenomenal warm up tool used before throwing as well as a great way to cool down after. Pitching coach Ron Wolforth, of Pitching Central and the Baseball Ranch, had this to say about it, "We view the Shoulder Tube as the single most important piece of equipment in our facility. We initially thought it was a great warm up tool and it is. But now we’ve come to realize its contribution to the health and durability of our pitchers’ arms/shoulders/elbows. If I lost all the equipment in our facility, the first thing I’d bring back is the Shoulder Tube.”

Trevor has been utilizing the Shoulder Tube for years now and as you can tell he uses it often to keep his arm loose and healthy.

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