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The TAP® Shoulder Tube® offers overhand athletes an ideal way to condition and warm up their shoulders before physical activity. The device is handheld and requires a rhythmic motion, with a stiff arm, to control the movement of the shaft using the shoulder. As the athlete uses more energy to move the shaft, the flex in the shaft increases, ultimately requiring greater force output from the shoulder to maintain control. The unpredictable omnidirectional movement of the device's end-weights during various ranges of motion forces increased muscle involvement, promoting dynamic shoulder stability while also increasing blood flow and flexibility. This tube is an excellent option for (A) preparing an athlete's shoulder for throwing, (B) cooling down and helping the arm recover after throwing, and (C) conditioning the arm on non-throwing or off-season days. The TAP® Shoulder Tube®'s design allows athletes to determine the intensity of their workout, regardless of their size, strength, or muscle endurance, making it a perfect


  • Enhance shoulder strength and stability
  • Improves shoulder flexibility and range of motion
  • Excellent proprioceptive tool
  • Effective warm-up, cool-down, and conditioning device for overhead activities


The TAP® Shoulder Tube® is an arm care tool widely used for pre-activity warm-up, post-activity recovery, and shoulder strength training. The device is designed to flex when sufficient force is applied, resulting in mechanically created oscillations that disturb the muscular forces stabilizing the shoulder. The oscillations produced by the TAP® Shoulder Tube® are oval to round in shape, not a more predictable bi-directional movement found with many vibration devices. These oscillations require greater muscle involvement to control and allow the user to dynamically use the device in wider ranges of motion. The unstable nature of the TAP® Shoulder Tube® promotes dynamic stabilization and proprioception of the shoulder complex as the user controls the device's movements.

The TAP® Shoulder Tube® uses the rhythmic movement of the arm and shoulder to flex the tube's shaft and mechanically create oscillation. This rhythmic movement provides concentric and eccentric resistance while providing perturbations throughout the exercise range of motion, including sport-specific patterns. The TAP® Shoulder Tube® promotes muscle balance and elicits the awareness of joint position, joint movement, and neuromuscular control, increasing shoulder stability.

The TAP® Shoulder Tube® consists of a solid flexible shaft with cylindrical end-weights on the ends and a rubber hand grip at its center. During exercise movement, the athlete's grip point on the TAP® Shoulder Tube® is the axis of the shaft rotation controlling oscillation amplitude to the end-weights. The athlete's wrist and elbow are locked into place, causing the shaft of the Shoulder Tube® to move through force created by the shoulder. Operating the device with long, forceful, reciprocal movements result in the shaft displacement, acting in a fashion similar to a crankshaft, moving energy away from the hand grip to the cylindrical end-weights. With oscillations occurring at a constant velocity produced at the frequency of the shaft, the device provides resistance directly proportional to the force exerted by the muscles of the shoulder complex.

The oscillation frequency uses the law of inertia to provide resistance back from the cylindrical weights through the grip point to the shoulder complex. Greater destabilization force is placed on the shoulder as amplitude increases requiring higher levels of muscle activation to maintain shoulder stability. The angular frequency and period of simple harmonic motion of the device varies based on the circular path established by the end-weights. The more elliptical the path, the greater the energy returns to the operator, with the cylindrical end-weight speeding up at equilibrium and slowing down as it moves away from equilibrium.

This shoulder movement exercise device is principled on the tensional force, combined with mass, operated at sufficient velocity to provide momentum forceful enough to cause muscles and tendons in the shoulder region to contract and allow dynamic training to the shoulder complex. Movement of the device through different planes (by the athlete assuming different body positions) provides uneven energy patterns to the shaft, transferred to the cylindrical end-weights, resulting in rotation ranging from round to elliptical.

With nicknames such as the 'Javelin' and 'Wiggle Stick', the patented TAP® Shoulder Tube® was created with the pitcher in mind but is appropriate for all muscularly developed athletes who throw, swing, stroke, or strike. The best-selling TAP® Shoulder Tube® can frequently be seen in Major League Baseball dugouts and bullpens and is used by athletes throughout the country, from top collegiate programs to little league teams.