TAP® Resistance Sled

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The TAP® Resistance Sled is a versatile tool for developing explosive power, quickness, and speed.

  • Push or pull design option
  • Develops dynamic power
  • Strengthens the lower half
  • Increases speed

The TAP® Resistance Sled is an excellent speed-development tool. The device provides resistance when towed during sprint training in addition to many other pulling drills. Its unique design also accommodates pushing exercises making it a truly versatile conditioning tool.

Its appropriate use with moderate levels of resistance in high-intensity, short-duration exercises offers an exceptional opportunity to improve acceleration and speed. The lightweight design of the sled makes it an attractive choice for entry-level athletes while adding Olympic weight plates increases sled weight and resistance making it an appropriate choice for advanced athletes. The sled, when used with a rope (not included) for pulling, can be used for shoulder, arm, and grip strength development.

The sled is constructed of welded steel and measures 40" long and 25" wide. A 9' tether with a light-duty shoulder harness is included. Heavy use applications should consider adding a resistance belt with tether.