Soft Hand Weight

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Soft Hand Weights are sphere-shaped alternatives to traditional light dumbbells. They are suitable for Jobe arm health exercises in addition to functional grip exercises.

  • Great for light resistance exercises
  • Keeps fingers, hands and forearms strong
  • Improves grip strength

Soft Hand Weights are ball-shaped flexible weights that provide a comfortable alternative to dumbbells and other hand weights. They offer an element of added weight and resistance for many exercises, intensifying the effects of the exercise and making each movement more meaningful. They can be used as a functional conditioning tool for strength, fitness, balance, and stabilization and are appropriate for plyometric, Pilates, yoga, aerobics, and rehabilitation training. The outer coating is soft and pliable which provides a more secure and comfortable grip plus offers and added protection to toes, feet, and floors if dropped (as compared to other weights such as dumbbells).

Soft Hand Weights can be used individually but are typically used in sets of two, much like dumbbells, gripping one in each hand to provide increased resistance. These ball-shaped weights have a uniform 4.5" diameter, about the size of a softball, that can easily be held for one or two hand activities. The smaller size makes it ideal for use in conjunction with a rebounder. Extremely versatile for use in a wide range of exercises and activities, Soft Hand Weights provide a natural hand, finger, and forearm workout.

Soft Hand Weights are precision-filled with granular material for perfect balance; no inflation is required. The ball-shaped weights are not designed for bouncing or for use in water or wet environments.

These quality Italian-made weights are available in two color-coded weights:

  • Orange: 2.5kg (5.5lb)
  • Red: 3kg (6.6lb)